How Gibbs & Cox Delivers Superior Marine Engineering

Successful maritime projects begin with in-depth knowledge of the fundamentals of marine engineering.

As a full-service, multi-discipline marine engineering firm, we are uniquely positioned to integrate design requirements and perform design tradeoffs for the selection of the appropriate design solution, along with final system design verification and validation.

The Marine Engineering Services We Offer

Gibbs & Cox marine engineers are specialists in full life cycle engineering support, offering our clients a wide range of capabilities, from concept and feasibility design through detailed design and construction to ship-alt design support to extend service-life. Our specialists cover the design of all Hull, Mechanical & Electrical (HM&E) systems onboard all types of naval and commercial ships. Our HM&E design services include: HVAC, propulsion plant selection, shafting design, engine intake and uptake design, along with all fluid and air piping systems for machinery support, firefighting, and ship services.

Our Proven Marine Engineering Results

Gibbs & Cox has a proven track record in developing ship system designs from early-stage feasibility studies to fully engineered and designed systems using 3D modeling environments, which allows us to provide detailed fabrication drawings and calculations. When developing functional systems, the key to our success is the application of a phased development process, where we slowly increase the level of detail related to the system design for each successive design product before commencing the detailed design. This process has been successfully integrated into every Gibbs & Cox total ship detailed design program and features the development of a variety of design and engineering products.

We have utilized our functional system development process in several recent programs, including:

How Our Marine Engineers Minimize Risk

Gibbs & Cox continues to lead in the integration of industry technological advancements into ship Hull, Mechanical & Electrical (HM&E) systems. Design challenges and risks always exist when implementing new technologies in the rapidly advancing naval combatant environment, but our team draws from our decades of design experience and engineering expertise, which allows us to easily integrate developmental equipment and systems into a ship design and quickly identify and mitigate any design challenges and risks.

We have contributed to the ship integration of several advanced marine technologies such as:

    • Rankin Energy Cycle Recovery
    • Integrated Electric Propulsion
    • Hybrid Electric Propulsion Systems
    • Environmental Treatment Systems
    • Advanced High-Power Weapons and Sensors

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What Makes Us Top Naval Architects?

Gibbs & Cox naval architecture expertise draws from nearly 100 years of industry experience and technical development captured in our technical processes and procedures to provide a comprehensive set of design services across a variety of platforms to give our customers quality products.

What Our Naval Architects Can Do For You

Naval ArchitectureOur naval architecture services span the ship’s entire lifetime, from early-stage concept designs through detailed design, shipyard construction support, full lifecycle and sustainment support, ship alterations, and service life extensions. Our team of naval architects and marine engineers transform a set of top-level requirements into concept-level definitions to evaluate technical feasibility, cost and performance.

Our engineers combine the use of in-house proprietary naval architecture tools and state-of-the-art software with an extensive technical library to provide accurate naval architecture assessments to our clients. Our use of alternative solutions, developed in trade-off studies to develop data-informed solutions for the design, result in a higher-fidelity design solution.

A few of the key components and outputs of our design process include:

  • Overall ship sizing studies and feasibility assessments
  • System tradeoff studies
  • Preparation of contract guidance drawings and working drawings
  • Ship checks

A Naval Architecture Firm You Can Rely On

Gibbs & Cox is the largest independent naval architectural firm in the United States and has the resources and processes in place to competitively execute ship designs of all sizes, delivering high-quality products on time and at cost.

Gibbs & Cox’s expertise continues to be sought by shipyards and navies from countries around the world to assist in early-stage studies, contract and design development, and detailed design and production for both new and conversion projects.

Our detail design & construction solutions are highly tailorable to the needs of the program, shipbuilder, and end-customer. Our efforts seek to maximize producibility and affordability while mitigating risk for procurement, planning, construction, test, delivery, and acceptance.

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Gibbs & Cox Inc. Selected by DARPA for Sea Train Concept Development and Demonstration

Image Developed by DARPA
Image Developed by DARPA

Arlington, VA., Oct. 5, 2020 – Gibbs & Cox, Inc. is pleased to announce the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) awarded the company a multi-phase contract to develop and demonstrate a Connectorless Sea Train concept. DARPA has exercised the base development phase for $9,450,339.

Gibbs & Cox will leverage our capabilities to integrate advancements in integrated system design, robotic controls, autonomy, and hydrodynamic optimization. This new technical approach, coined by Gibbs and Cox as ARMADA (Articulated Resistance Minimized Autonomous Deployment Asset), seeks to reshape maritime vessel capabilities, enabling long-range deployments of medium-sized autonomous surface vessels without the need for either in-port or at-sea refueling.

DARPA’s selection of Gibbs & Cox for the Sea Train program, combined with our other recent awards, illustrates G&C’s rapid expansion in the Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) industry. These awards have substantiated our imprint in this developing market and enable us to take a leadership role in the maritime industry’s newest design challenges.

Gibbs & Cox, Teamed with Halter Marine, Wins T-AGOS(X) Award


Gibbs & Cox will support our partner, Halter Marine, on the recent auxiliary general ocean surveillance ship (T-AGOS(X)) industry study award. With the detail design and construction contract award expected in 2022, we are excited to begin laying the foundation for the anticipated delivery of the first vessel in 2025.

The T-AGOS(X) class will replace the existing fleet of four T-AGOS 19 and one T-AGOS 23 small water plane area twin hull (SWATH) ships, which are currently nearing the end of their service life. The new T-AGOS(X) class has options for six additional ships and will be designed with a projected service life of 30 years.

As the builder of the T-AGOS 23 class, Halter Marine has extensive experience with the design and construction of this unique hull form. G&C brings our 91 years of engineering and design experience to the team while serving as the design agent.

Chris Deegan, G&C Chief Executive and President, noted, “This award represents over a year of pre-award work between G&C and Halter Marine and extends the growing partnership between our organizations.”

Gibbs & Cox, Inc. expands its Autonomous Portfolio with the award of the U.S. Navy’s Large Unmanned Surface Vessel (LUSV) Concept Studies

Arlington, Va., Sept. 14, 2020 – On September 5, 2020 the U.S. Navy awarded Gibbs & Cox, Inc. a contract to perform Concept Design Studies for the development of the Large Unmanned Surface Vessel (LUSV).

The Concept Design Study has an anticipated completion date of August 2021 with an option for additional design studies, which would extend the forecasted completion date to May 2022.  These studies will inform the Navy in development of a future competitive procurement for the Detail Design and Construction of the LUSV.

“We look forward to continuing our role as a leading provider of unmanned autonomous surface vehicles to the US Navy, building on our MUSV and prior awards. The LUSV represents a critical step forward in fulfilling the Navy’s future capability needs, and we are proud to be a part of meeting that challenge” said Chris Deegan, President and Chief Executive of Gibbs & Cox.

Gibbs & Cox, Inc. is the largest independent and privately-owned naval architecture and marine engineering firm in the United States. Since our founding in 1929, 24 classes of combatants and nearly 7,000 vessels have been built to G&C designs. We proudly support military and commercial clients in the U.S. and internationally with all phases of marine design, construction, and lifecycle management. Our passion is solving our customers’ 21st century maritime challenges with quality and integrity.

An Outboard Powered Recreational Yacht

Striking, bold, and thoroughly modern, the 70 Island concept by DLBA offers a completely new experience in an outboard powered recreational yacht. Providing an evolutionary step in the development of outboard powered vessels, this is a true yacht, with high-end furnishings and luxury accommodation, which showcases the latest capability and benefits of outboard propulsion

Combining a laid back island experience with the excitement of high performance well in excess of 40 knots, the 70 Island offers expansive exterior spaces with an inviting layout of combined indoor and outdoor living. Outboard propulsion creates widely-customizable powering and performance options while allowing for more interior space for passengers taking a break from the sun.

The dual transformer aft beach deck system provides easy access for two tenders along with plenty of room for additional toy storage. The large beach deck with integrated fold-down bulwarks creates a vast recreational space when the tenders deploy via an automated system with the push of a button. The beach deck is easily configurable for water ingress or relaxation with direct access to the glassed-in lower solarium. A dinette on the upper deck easily converts into a pleasant sunbathing spot under the fully retractable

sunroof.  All glass tint is LCD adjustable and controlled through mobile devices. Comfortable areas aft, near the helm, and forward also allow for people to spread out while kicking back.

This yacht reimagines the idea of outboard propulsion while providing the best of both worlds; the fit and finish of a yacht with the simplicity and flexibility of outboard motors.