Experts in Commercial & Military

Electrical Engineering & Design Integration

Gibbs & Cox has performed electrical engineering and design integration tasks for many commercial and military ships, meeting a wide variety of customer requirements including ABS Naval Vessel Rules, Lloyd’s Register, CFR and MIL-SPECs.

Our Analysis & Design

We perform all phases of system engineering and design (conceptual through detailed design) to develop or improve the entire spectrum of marine electrical systems, including:

  • Power generation and distribution
  • Power conversion
  • Power controls and supervisory controls
  • Electrical instrumentation
  • Auxiliary equipment
  • Monitoring

Design processes include:

  • Detailed analyses for voltage drops
  • Fault current
  • Transient loads
  • Electric loads
  • Synchro loads and lighting requirements accomplished manually or using computer software

Our detailed analyses provide the necessary data to determine the required characteristics of generators, switchboards, load centers, power panels and other equipment.

Design, Integration & Electrical Systems Testing

Gibbs & Cox possesses extensive experience in design, integration, and electrical systems testing.

We provide expert service in feasibility and trade-off studies; preliminary design; contract design and detailed design of shipboard and land-based test site power generation and distribution system installations; and test and trials support to identify and correct problems.

Gibbs & Cox uses several software solutions for electrical power systems analysis and design, which provide comprehensive and integrated power system modules for modeling and operations simulation.

Electrical system design engineering and analysis tasks performed by Gibbs & Cox include:

  • Ship Service and emergency power generation systems
  • AC and DC systems
  • Medium voltage and low voltage systems
  • Integrated Power System (IPS)
  • Hybrid Electric Drive (HED) system design
  • Power Load Flow and Power Management
  • Power Generation Plant architecture development
  • Generation and distribution equipment sizing, specification, selection, procurement, and evaluation
  • Detailed power system analysis for assessing stability, voltage drop, fault current, protective device coordination, arc flash analysis and harmonic analysis
  • High powered advanced sensor and weapon system ship integration
  • Control systems engineering
  • Total ownership cost analysis
  • Land based test site design and equipment integration


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