Utilizing Scanning Technology to

Create Accurate 3D Models

Gibbs and Cox has the ability to scan an object or an environment in 3D, providing an accurate digital representation in a 3D computer model environment. This capability has numerous applications, including the ability to quickly and accurately produce mock-up ship-alteration possibilities, analyze major machinery component paths to determine likely interference locations, or simply digitize the hull lines of an existing vessel.

Scan Data

At Gibbs & Cox, we utilize the latest 3D Laser scanning technology to develop high fidelity Virtual Walkthroughs, 3D models, and 2D drawings.


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"G&C has excelled at both understanding and covering our needs.  They have excelled at schedule control, quality, attention to detail and cost control on this project.  I look forward to a continuing business relationship with Gibbs and Cox and will wholeheartedly recommend them for other ventures.”