Offering a Full Range of

Capabilities for Commercial Marine Vessels

Gibbs & Cox, together with our operating division, DLBA Naval Architects, offers a full range of capabilities at all stages of design, engineering, construction, and life cycle support for a broad variety of marine vessels in the commercial sector supporting several clients such as Baglietto Aviara Boats, and weaver Boatworks. Our services utilize several advanced engineering analysis techniques and sophisticated production design tools.

Nine Decades of Producible, Capable & Competitive Designs

Backed by a more than nine-decade legacy, Gibbs & Cox designs are producible, capable, and competitive; we focus on producibility and optimize designs specifically to the facilities and preferences of the individual shipyard.

With the acquisition of Donald L. Blount and Associates in 2015, we now offer comprehensive capabilities to develop all types of vessel designs from small, simple craft up to large complex ships for both government and commercial clients.

Integrating the Latest Commercial Marine Technologies in Specialty Engineering

We remain at the forefront of integrating the latest technologies into designs for optimum efficiency and performance. We have recent design work integrating Ballast Water Treatment Systems (BWTS) for IMO and USCG Compliance and Urea-based Selective Cathodic Treatment Systems (SCR) for EPA Tier 4 and IMO Tier 3 Compliance.

  • We help clients with trade-off and payback analyses when considering alternative fuels.
  • We perform hull form powering and seakeeping performance assessment improvement trade-offs with our suite of tools including Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).
  • We apply methods to reduce noise and vibration in new designs to improve crew and passenger comfort. For research, yacht, and military vessel designs requiring acoustically silence above and below the waterline, we apply a more stringent design approach.

As needed for specialty projects, we use the leading industry software for:

  • Structural Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • Modeling tools
  • Electrical power systems analysis

Vessel Repair, Maintenance, & Conversion

We apply our services to provide value-add to owners and shipyards for maintenance, repairs, and conversion projects. With staff located on the Atlantic, Pacific, Gulf Coast, and Great Lakes, our project engineers are always conveniently near-by, and we can deploy teams to support rapid turnaround on emergent engineering and planning needs including:

  • Repairs
  • Repowering
  • Retrofits
  • Upgrades
  • Surveys
  • Refits

We have successfully applied 3D Scanning technology and 3D CAD lofting to support these quick-turnaround projects.

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