Providing Innovative Solutions

To International Clients

From our earliest days, Gibbs & Cox has delivered innovative solutions to international challenges, both for naval and commercial applications. G&C’s international naval experience draws on the fact that many of our designs have been transferred to international navies, upgraded, and had robust and productive second lives.

Gibbs & Cox is regularly asked to participate on foreign military sales type programs where we assist in assessing the ships and then developing design upgrades and modifications to extend their service lives and add new mission capabilities. Through this work, G&C has become knowledgeable with the naval standards of many countries worldwide, as well as classification standards for a number of International classification societies.

International Presence Include:

  • Australia  
  • Bahrain
  • Canada
  • Egypt
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Israel
  • Japan
  • The Netherlands
  • The Philippines
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Spain
  • Taiwan
  • Turkey
  • United Kingdom

In addition, we have consulted for numerous other nations.

Proven Results for Successful International Projects

G&C’s history of innovative ship design includes a number of international new construction projects.  In recent decades, several G&C designs have been used as parent designs for successful international projects.

The FFG-7 (Oliver Hazard Perry Class) became the parent for Taiwanese, Spanish, and Australian Navy programs and the DDG 51 (Arleigh class) was developed as a candidate for the Australian Air Warfare Destroyer. Today, the LCS 1 (Freedom Class) is being modified to become the Multi Mission Surface Combat Ship (MMSC) for the Royal Saudi Navy.

Gibbs & Cox is recognized not just for midsized surface combatants like the Taiwanese PFG Class frigates, but also for helping navies with technologically advanced smaller craft and special mission boats around the globe.

Our record of solving difficult technical challenges extends to international commercial projects as well. Our collective team has supported a construction project for a salt dredge in the Mideast, a project for an oil sands pumping barge in the far north, recreational vessels, pilot boats and high-performance luxury motor yachts.

Providing Clients with Cutting-Edge Naval & Commercial Ideas

Our expertise has been sought by shipyards and navies from countries all over the world to assist in early stage studies, contract and design development, and detailed design and production projects for both new and conversion efforts.

Our global international experience means that Gibbs & Cox staff have the opportunity to keep abreast of the latest naval and commercial developments from both shipyard class societies and navies worldwide to bring the best ideas together for each of our customers.

Innovation, Quality, Design & Integrity

Gibbs & Cox is assisting the Canadian Navy and Coast Guard and Australian Navy with multiple projects as they develop their fleets for the 21st century and continues to support the navies of Egypt, Taiwan, the Philippines and others as they upgrade and maintain their ships.

International naval organizations and shipyards worldwide know that they can rely upon Gibbs & Cox for technical innovation, quality design, and business integrity. Clients know that the ships sailing under their national flags are ships that can be relied upon and ships that their nations will take pride in.

Cross-Continental Office Expansion: A Look into Gibbs & Cox Australia (GCA)

In 2017, we expanded our international footprint by establishing Gibbs & Cox Australia (GCA), which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Gibbs & Cox. Headquartered in Canberra, ACT, GCA is conveniently collocated with our primary government customer, the Commonwealth of Australia’s Capability Acquisition & Sustainment Group.

We are currently supporting three major naval acquisition programs:

  1. SEA 1180 – Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPV). The Arafura Class program will deliver 12 new vessels that will replace the existing Armidale Class.
  2. SEA 1000 – Attack Class Future Submarine. The Attack Class program will deliver 12 regionally.
  3. SEA 5000 – Hunter Frigate. The Hunter Frigate Program will deliver nine frigates optimized for anti-submarine warfare.

GCA provides specialty engineering and program management support to our clients with a focus on knowledge transfer that enables the upskilling of our clients’ workforce.

G&C Australia

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“G&C continued to perform as a critical partner in correcting and updating the 3D model and functional engineering support.  On time, high quality products are a requirement from G&C so that our pre-production work package development and material procurement can occur as scheduled.  G&C has met this requirement even with our continued authorization of [new] work.”