Workplace Safety

Our Commitment

Gibbs & Cox is committed to the cost-effective acquisition of equipment, systems and the workplace environment while minimizing mishap risk and optimizing safety. Core to this objective is G&C’s capability in applying system safety engineering and management principles, which includes criteria and techniques to identify, assess, mitigate and track environmental, safety and health (ESH) system safety hazards and technical risks throughout all phases of the system lifecycle.

The Gibbs & Cox ESH risk management expertise takes into account the constraints of operational effectiveness, time, and cost. Our end goal is to improve ESH compliance and reduce system safety risks and liability.

Incorporating System Safety into System Design, Construction & ESH Technical Domains

The Gibbs & Cox system safety consulting team has extensive experience throughout the design and operation of both military and commercial systems/equipment, including ships and offshore structures and associated requirements such as:

  • MIL-STD-882 (series)
  • NAVSEAINST 5100.12B
  • MOD Defense Standard 00-56
  • MOP JSP 430
  • GEIA-STD-0010

Gibbs & Cox’s system safety consultants have incorporated system safety into all phases of system design and construction and in all ESH technical domains.

These consultants are proficient in a complete range of safety and risk management, from scoping ESH requirements and defining safety critical systems/functions at the concept design stage, through safety assessment and safety case development at whole ship, system or equipment level, to through-life safety management systems.

Capabilities of Gibbs & Cox’s system safety consultants include:

  • System Safety Planning, Documentation & Staffing
  • System Safety Performance & Safety Design Requirements
  • System Safety Practices, Policies/Standards, Procedures & Implementation
  • Hazard Analysis
  • Risk Assessment
  • Mishap Risk Mitigation Measures
  • Closed Loop Hazard Tracking
  • Independent Safety Review, Assessment and Auditing
  • Test for Safe Design & Certification

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