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We have a long and storied history of designing vessels for the United States Navy and Government. The staff at Gibbs & Cox are experts in all stages of vessel design and sustainment, ranging from concept evaluation to detailed design and production engineering, and life-cycle support. Our knowledge and processes, honed with over 90 years of customer alignment, ensure that G&C designs meet customer requirements while being cost-effective and producible.

G&C has a Long History of Providing Value to Many of Our Government Agencies and Program Offices

Our Certified ISO9000 System Ensures Repeatable, High Quality Results

In order to ensure repeatable, high standards of quality on every program, Gibbs & Cox’s quality system is certified to ISO 9001:2015 for Design, Engineering, Program Management and Administrative services.

G&C is proud to partner with the governments and shipyard partners to provide world-class design services, through the full lifecycle of any ship design and construction program.

Take Advantage of Our Unique Perspective

We partner with U.S. Navy and U.S. Government Program Offices to provide excellent engineering services for the full life cycle of program acquisition and execution. Our designers and engineers are production-focused, applying computer-aided design, engineering, and analysis methods across all technical disciplines while keeping designs affordable to build. To deliver tailored program execution and the highest quality to our customers, we develop Program Unique Procedures (PUPs).

Gibbs & Cox is the largest independent naval architectural firm in the United States and has the resources and processes in place to competitively execute ship designs of all sizes, delivering high quality products on time and cost.

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