How Gibbs & Cox Marine Engineers Connect with Partners and Clients

Gibbs & Cox naval architects and marine engineers are dedicated to providing exceptional and comprehensive service to all of our customers. Whether it is a virtual or in-person event, it is crucial for us to meet with our customers and learn about their evolving needs so that we can tailor our marine engineering process and services to better serve them. One way that we do this is through trade shows. Trade shows provide us with the opportunity to meet with our customers from across the globe to discuss emerging trends in the maritime environment, develop relationships with other experts from our industry, meet new potential partners and clients, explore new ideas, and learn about revolutionary concepts.

The Benefits of Attending Trade Shows

Trade shows are beneficial because they provide an engaging, interactive environment where our customers can learn about Gibbs & Cox’s unique capabilities, ask questions, and see our display. The maritime environment is constantly evolving, and G&C continuously improves our capabilities and services to remain on the cutting edge of technology. Trade shows provide us with the opportunity to highlight new technology and services. G&C recently exhibited at the Sea Air SpMarine Engineering Firm Gibbs Cox at Trade Showace trade show, where we debuted our newly combined capabilities since our acquisition by Leidos. Attendees were able to come by our booth and meet a variety of our experienced marine engineers and naval architects, as well as many of our leadership, and learn about how we combined G&C ship and USV capabilities with Leidos undersea sensors and UUV capabilities to bring our customers full domain solutions throughout the maritime environment.

Meet our Marine Engineers at Upcoming Events

Come meet us in-person at the following upcoming tradeshows and learn more about our marine engineering services!
Shock & Vibration Symposium (Sept. 19-23)
Society of Women Engineers (Oct. 21-23) – Visit us online and in person!
International Workboat Show (Dec. 1-3)
34th Surface Navy Association National Symposium (Jan. 11-13)

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How Gibbs & Cox Delivers Superior Marine Engineering

Successful maritime projects begin with in-depth knowledge of the fundamentals of marine engineering.

As a full-service, multi-discipline marine engineering firm, we are uniquely positioned to integrate design requirements and perform design tradeoffs for the selection of the appropriate design solution, along with final system design verification and validation.

The Marine Engineering Services We Offer

Gibbs & Cox marine engineers are specialists in full life cycle engineering support, offering our clients a wide range of capabilities, from concept and feasibility design through detailed design and construction to ship-alt design support to extend service-life. Our specialists cover the design of all Hull, Mechanical & Electrical (HM&E) systems onboard all types of naval and commercial ships. Our HM&E design services include: HVAC, propulsion plant selection, shafting design, engine intake and uptake design, along with all fluid and air piping systems for machinery support, firefighting, and ship services.

Our Proven Marine Engineering Results

Gibbs & Cox has a proven track record in developing ship system designs from early-stage feasibility studies to fully engineered and designed systems using 3D modeling environments, which allows us to provide detailed fabrication drawings and calculations. When developing functional systems, the key to our success is the application of a phased development process, where we slowly increase the level of detail related to the system design for each successive design product before commencing the detailed design. This process has been successfully integrated into every Gibbs & Cox total ship detailed design program and features the development of a variety of design and engineering products.

We have utilized our functional system development process in several recent programs, including:

How Our Marine Engineers Minimize Risk

Gibbs & Cox continues to lead in the integration of industry technological advancements into ship Hull, Mechanical & Electrical (HM&E) systems. Design challenges and risks always exist when implementing new technologies in the rapidly advancing naval combatant environment, but our team draws from our decades of design experience and engineering expertise, which allows us to easily integrate developmental equipment and systems into a ship design and quickly identify and mitigate any design challenges and risks.

We have contributed to the ship integration of several advanced marine technologies such as:

    • Rankin Energy Cycle Recovery
    • Integrated Electric Propulsion
    • Hybrid Electric Propulsion Systems
    • Environmental Treatment Systems
    • Advanced High-Power Weapons and Sensors

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