Thoroughbred Boat Co. Building an Instant Classic

June 26, 2020

An exciting project which DLBA worked on for the Thoroughbred Boat Co. is nearing completion. The DLBA team created the vessel’s structural design and supported the development of the hull form for this updated take on the classic gentleman’s runabout.

DLBA worked with the Thoroughbred Team to refine the running surfaces, propulsion system, weight and balance to  optimize dynamic trim angle at speed, as well as support the development of the  overall craft structure.

The deck and hull molds as well as underwater running gear of the Thoroughbred Boat Co.’s project U-23 have all been completed, while Thoroughbred is now entering the process of fine-tuning the interior styling of this modern classic.

Designed with the recreational boating enthusiast in mind, the U-23 has the elegant lines of vintage powerboats and lake boat enthusiasts will recognize the iconic rumble of a powerful inboard engine.

Upcoming variants of the model will have a V-drive with a different arrangement, deck and helm configuration, with Thoroughbred estimating the first hull will go into build in late June/early July as virus restrictions lift.

Thoroughbred Boat Co.’s project U-23
“The G&C team has done an excellent job of communicating and leading the program”