How Gibbs & Cox’s Marine Engineers and Naval Architects Have Impacted the Maritime Industry

May 9, 2021

Throughout Gibbs & Cox’s 90+ years of experience in the shipbuilding industry, we have recruited some of the most talented and experienced marine engineers and naval architects in the United States. G&C prioritizes hiring passionate and driven individuals to innovate and create high-quality products to advance the maritime industry. Leading the US in maritime innovation has led to the completion of approximately 300 vessel designs, 7,000 vessels built, including 24 classes of naval combatants, and several notable awards that have shaped the future of ship design.

Gibbs & Cox’s History of Quality Marine Engineering Services

Marine Engineering ServicesGibbs & Cox’s naval architects and marine engineers have a robust history of developing some of the most notable designs in the United States, a few of which include the SS United States, FFG-7 Oliver Hazard Perry Class Frigates, the DDG-51 Arleigh Burke Class Destroyer, the Littoral Combat Ship Freedom-Variant Class, and newest generation of US Navy Frigates, the FFG Constellation Class. We have remained committed to providing the highest quality design and engineering products and services to each and every customer and we continuously build upon our history.

G&C has supported the development of many different technological advancements such as integrated power systems and environmental treatment systems. The key to G&C’s successful development of functional systems is our use of a phased approach to the design process. This phased approach guarantees that the level of detail with each system design is slowly increased for every successive design product before detailed design commences.

The design process at Gibbs & Cox includes but is not limited to:

  • System tradeoff studies
  • Ship checks
  • Ship system analysis
  • Preparation of cost/time/schedule estimates

Providing Marine Engineering Services for the 21st Century

Our recent merger with Leidos will enhance our combined marine engineering offerings and accelerate an expansion of products and services to current and future customers. G&C will continue to prioritize hiring marine engineers and naval architects who are dedicated to developing the future of technological innovations in the maritime industry.

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“[the] team received very strong endorsement at Design Review #2 placing us in an excellent position for [future phases of the project].   Based on the superb efforts of G&C, they are our trusted design agent for Detail Design and will perform a majority of the design work. … I have been involved in naval combatant ship design for 40 years and have never seen applause at a design review like we received at DR2.  Well Done!”