Developing the Maritime Industry

January 25, 2021

The maritime industry’s evolving technological trends provide ample opportunity to grow and invest strategically. At Gibbs & Cox, we invest in our people. We encourage all of our staff to be active participants and role models in the STEM community and share their insights with the next generation of maritime industry leaders. Our dedicated team enables G&C to continue innovating after more than nine decades, as we lead the maritime advancements of tomorrow.

As the largest independent naval architecture and marine engineering firm in the United States, we are proud to have the opportunity to present technical concepts, host round tables, publish articles, and work complex programs that give our employees the ability to work on a wide range of projects and travel the world. From naval architecture and marine engineering to program management and software development, we support our employees in exploring their interests and pursuing what drives them, including personal certifications such as PEs and PMPs.

The future of the maritime industry depends on the development and growth of those who have not yet begun their career, which is why we focus on and work with those who are still in the process of completing their education. As the sponsor of this year’s STEM event at ASNE’s Technology, Systems and Ships Symposium, on January 26, we look forward to connecting with all of you virtually.

“The quality of the personnel provided is very high …. capability and leadership skills have been of significant value to the program. No suggestions for improved performance. Thank you for your contribution to [the] Program – please keep on doing what you’re doing."