Continuing to collaborate

June 3, 2020

Adapting to new challenges in order to overcome obstacles is familiar territory for our team – something which has proved fortuitous in the past months. Like many of you, our working environment has changed, and working remotely full-time for the safety of our staff and community is now the new normal for our DLBA team, as COVID-19 has spread. 

For the time being we’ve moved from hovering around drawing boards and computer screens, to video chats and screen sharing. Although we no longer have the creative and collaborative environment of our office we have quickly adapted to working from home, and we continue to serve our customers.

We’ve introduced new skills, tools, and procedures to maintain our level of creativity and efficiency, including online meeting tools and extensive communication plans. Obtaining additional licenses to allow all of our design leads and engineers to have instant communication via screen share and video conference was key to allowing us to maintain quick idea sharing.

Two daily 5-minute calls – one in the morning and one in the afternoon – provide frequent updates and engagement for our leaders to identify necessary collaboration. We have also restricted our weekly meetings so leadership is no longer presenting, but rather, listening. It is always important leaders listen to their troops, and this has been proven by the amount we’ve learned and shared during this time!

“[the] team received very strong endorsement at Design Review #2 placing us in an excellent position for [future phases of the project].   Based on the superb efforts of G&C, they are our trusted design agent for Detail Design and will perform a majority of the design work. … I have been involved in naval combatant ship design for 40 years and have never seen applause at a design review like we received at DR2.  Well Done!”