Seaport-e  -  Quality Assurance Program


Gibbs & Cox, Inc. is dedicated to providing our clients with engineering, design and related professional services of the highest quality, on schedule and within cost while maintaining the highest standard of integrity. Our Arlington, New York, Philadelphia, New Orleans and Newport News offices are certified to International Standards Organization standard, ISO 9001:2008 – Quality Management System applicable to design, engineering, program management and administrative services. Our registrar is ABS Quality Evaluations, Inc. The Gibbs & Cox, Inc. Quality Management System is documented in the form of procedures, guidelines and work instructions. This documentation is available to all staff at all locations through the Quality Assurance Integrated Data Environment (QA-IDE) portal.

Our Quality Management System is structured to support the overall quality system requirements. The quality system procedures, guidelines and work instructions define the quality requirements and describe the specific methods used to achieve desired quality. Project unique procedures are developed, as required, to tailor the Company’s quality system documentation to suit unique requirements of each client. Gibbs & Cox, Inc. ensures the highest quality product by applying the quality management system throughout all phases of the product development cycle. These products include CAD models and drawings, calculations, studies, reports, specifications, etc. Gibbs & Cox, Inc. maintains quality records in the form of QA checklists, forms, databases, etc. that document compliance with the established quality management system. In addition to the regularly scheduled ABS ISO certification audits, we perform internal QA audits to ensure that the quality management system conforms to contractual agreements, effectively and efficiently supports the goals and objectives of Gibbs & Cox, Inc. and is effectively implemented and maintained.

A key element of the ISO Quality system is Customer Satisfaction. To this end, Gibbs & Cox, Inc. actively solicits feedback from our customers as a tool to gauge our performance and identify areas where we can improve on our services. Gibbs & Cox, Inc. highly values the input provided by customers and to this end, has established a series of performance metrics that we use to evaluate the effectiveness of our system. These metrics are embraced by both staff and management as part of our continuous improvement process.