Gibbs and Cox Employee Spotlight 




Steve Adkins attended Old Dominion College for two years prior to entering the Newport News Ship apprenticeship program in 1968. He successfully completed a five year program as a Hull Designer working in the outfitting design department. He was designated the Outfitting Department liaison and worked closely with the yard trades to solve design problems for submarine overhaul and new design for the Los Angeles class. Steve left Newport News Ship during a strike and went to work for a marine engineering company to continue his career. He worked his way from designer to lead checker to department manager to office manager. Steve joined G&C in 2006 working on LCS and Cobra Judy until transferring to Australia to work on AWD general arrangement development. When that project ended he returned to work on the LPD-17 new design at a different company before returning to G&C in 2009. In 2010 he was promoted to Outfitting Department Manager to continue a career of 47 years.