Gibbs and Cox Employee Spotlight 




Erica graduated Drexel University with a BS in mechanical engineering. She did two six-month stints working for NAVSEA while an undergrad student at Drexel, which led her to the marine industry. Upon graduating from Drexel in 2012, she joined the G&C team. She is part of the Machinery and Piping team now, supporting primarily LCS programs. She has become the Philadelphia office’s shock expert, supporting the LCS Freedom shock program, incorporating shock requirements on the LCC 19 and LHD 1 Class mechanical and electrical upgrades, and directly supporting NAVSEA’s shock code.

She is currently pursuing her Masters in Engineering Management part time at Drexel, as part of an online program. She lives in Philadelphia with her cat, Henry, who she adopted while volunteering with the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society. Outside of work, she reads voraciously, drinks beer, studies judo and jiu jitsu, and is currently training for her first half marathon.