Test and Trial support

Gibbs & Cox routinely supports tests and trials for both Government and industry clients.  This support can be performed in equipment manufacturing facilities (for factory acceptance testing), at land-based test facilities (for proof of concept testing) in the shipyard (for equipment and system tests), pierside (for full system operational testing), or at sea for full ship trials.  Engineering, design and program management personnel participating in these tests gain firsthand knowledge of any operational challenges, and can work to resolve any issues identified on the spot.

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One example of full ship testing performed pierside is a deadweight survey and inclining experiment, used to determine the stability of a ship.  Gibbs & Cox has extensive experience in the development of Stability Test Plans and the performance of the associated deadweight survey and inclining experiment necessary to verify the stability of surface ships and to gain the issuance of a Load Line Certification.  This plan is developed in accordance with the applicable Ship Specifications and ASTM F 1321-92.


After completion of the Stability Test, the results of the Deadweight Survey are provided in report format and a Stability Test Results Report is provided documenting both the Lightship Condition and an estimated Full Load Condition for the ship.  Gibbs & Cox will also develop or reproduce, for an existing ship, the Trim and Stability Booklet and update the reported displacements and centers based on the results of the Stability Test.  In preparation for the Stability Tests, Gibbs & Cox will also assess that the deck structure is sufficient to support the required loads for the inclining weights.

Recent Test and Trials Projects include:

  • LCS
  • PMS 400D Engineering Support
  • PEO IWS 1.0 Engineering Support
  • RSNF PCG/PGG Support