Engineering & Design Integration

Gibbs & Cox leverages our shipboard detail design experience and applies that practical knowledge to our early stage engineering and design projects.  In addition, there are a number of technical disciplines that span the full spectrum from initial concept and feasibility studies to full detail designs, including:

  • Configuration Management
  • Reliability and Maintainability
  • System Safety
  • Environmental Safety and Occupational Health
  • Noise, Shock and Vibration Engineering
  • Topside Design and Arrangement
  • Human Factors/Human Engineeringimage001

Gibbs & Cox is a recognized leader in the fields of noise, shock and vibration engineering for shipboard applications.  Our expertise in the design and engineering of ships and ship systems installations to withstand the rigors of near-miss underwater explosions is unparalleled. Some noise, shock and vibration tasks typically performed by Gibbs & Cox include:

  • Airborne noise predictions
  • Ship radiated noise predictions
  • Resilient mount specification and application engineering
  • Noise requirements and specifications development
  • Application of advanced isolation techniques
  • Dynamic Design Analysis Method (DDAM) Shock Analysis
  • Transient Shock Analysis
  • Shock trial grooming inspections
  • Test procedure development
  • Test and trials planning and support
  • Post-test inspection, documentation and analysis
  • Shafting, equipment and hull girder vibration analysis

Example projects featuring our integration of engineering and design, including the specialties listed above, include the following: LCS, Argis Ashore.