Performance Assessment

Gibbs & Cox, Inc. has a number of programs available to support performance assessment of ship designs. Our broad range of experience covers assessment of conceptual designs all the way through evaluation of existing platforms. Gibbs & Cox, Inc. can offer a range of solutions to optimize a ship based on the customer’s
requirements. Prediction of speed-power characteristics is achieved using
NAVCAD, ASSET, and the G&C developed program SPEED. Sea keeping is
evaluated using VisualSMP, which produces polar plots of the operational
envelope of a candidate ship though a range of speeds and headings. Maneuvering
prediction is conducted using AGILESHIP which, when combined with NAVCAD,
becomes a powerful design tool for the development of rudder and propeller
sets. Gibbs & Cox, Inc. also uses specialized software to analyze the radar
cross-signature of a candidate design to influence the topside arrangements of
the ship. We also make use of the 3D visualization software RHINO in working
with compartment arrangements and for aiding in human systems integration.

We work with model test facilities the world over to plan for and conduct model tests to verify speed-power, stability, sea keeping and maneuvering characteristics.