Functional System Development

Gibbs & Cox has a history of evolving ship system designs from early-stage feasibility studies to fully engineered and designed systems documented by detailed fabrication drawings.  The key to our success in functional system development is the application of a phased-development process, where the level of detail associated with the system design is gradually increased for each successive design product before the start of Detail Design.  This process has been successfully executed on every Gibbs & Cox total ship detail design program, and features the development of a variety of design and engineering products, including:

  • System diagrams from concept to production-level
  • Engineering calculation packages
  • Inquiry specifications for system components (to request data from vendors)
  • Build Specifications for system fabrication and installation
  • Purchase Specifications for procurement of components
  • Fabrication drawings for each system, including detailed component arrangements and complete bills of material

Gibbs & Cox utilizes an extensive suite of software as part of our functional system development process. Our software suite ranges from word processors, spreadsheets, and graphics tools to more elaborate computer-aided design and engineering tools.

Gibbs & Cox has applied this functional system development process to a number of recent programs, including:

  • Littoral Combat Ship
  • DDG 51 Flight IIA
  • Australian Air Warfare Destroyer
  • T-AKE Contract Design
  • T-AGM(R) Preliminary Design
  • DD 21/DD(X) Blue Team