A ship Alteration Package represents design modifications to various types of hull, mechanical and electrical components and systems of a ship already in service.
The modification work package includes a narrative description of the changes identifying all impacts, rip-out drawings, new and/or modified installation drawings, identification of material and equipment requirements, weight and moment impact, design software and documentation impacts, testing and configuration management data. The ShipAlt Work Packages are prepared in sufficient detail to permit material
ordering and planning by the shipyard.

Gibbs & Cox has in-depth experience in the preparation of ship Alteration Packages best exemplified by our work on the U.S. Navy FFG7 and DDG51 Class ship programs.
Gibbs & Cox is continuing to be very active in the preparation of these work packages for USN ships that have been transferred to Taiwan.

As the Ship Systems Engineer for the several ship classes, Gibbs & Cox reviews Class Ship Alterations (ShipAlts), Machinery Alterations (MachAlts) and Ordnance Alterations (OrdAlts) for applicability to each ship class. An analysis is prepared describing the impact to the Class ships. This analysis identifies rip-outs, new and/or modified installations, equipment and material requirements, weight and moment impact, design drawing requirements and effects on associated software. Analyses are forwarded to the shipbuilders to accomplish the alteration. An in-depth tracking procedure is employed to document completion of an alteration on any one of the ships so that impacted drawings may be properly annotated and configuration control is maintained.