Cost Analysis

image002Today’s constrained fiscal environment requires all programs to carefully manage costs, from initial project definition through delivery.  Gibbs & Cox uses a variety of proprietary cost estimating algorithms and analysis tools to predict the design and construction costs associated with shipbuilding programs.  In addition to acquisition and non-recurring cost estimates, Gibbs & Cox also conducts life cycle cost estimates, to support the comparison of Total Ownership Cost among competing projects or solution alternatives.  Typical cost analysis functions performed by Gibbs & Cox include:

  • Non-recurring design and engineering cost estimates
  • Ship acquisition cost estimates
  • Ship operation and maintenance cost estimates
  • Total Ownership Cost analyses
  • Cost as an Independent Variable (CAIV)
  • Cost vs. Capability tradeoff studies

Recent projects where Gibbs & Cox has applied cost analysis  techniques for client projects include:

  • Electric Ship Office Support
  • T-AKE Preliminary Design
  • USCG Deepwater Preliminary Design
  • ARPA Maritech Tanker
  • Littoral Combat Ship