Detail Design

Gibbs & Cox has extensive capability available in developing the detail design of complex surface ships to support NAVSEA and the marine industry. The experience of our people in developing the basic detail design products and modifying them to suit later upgrades of a ship or ship class is ideal in supporting customer requirements to monitor and support new construction and modernization programs. This experience is extremely valuable during early stage design development to ensure lessons learned are applied at the beginning of the design cycle. Gibbs & Cox can ensure that detail design and construction practices are incorporated into the design of any new ships, from exploratory through contract design state of development.

Detail design projects of interest include the following:

  • LCS1 Detail Design. Gibbs & Cox is the detail design agent for the LCS1 Class of vesselsĀ under contract to Lockheed Martin. This effort began in 2004 and employed up to 500 people in integrating the design and producing all functional (system level) and zone detail design drawings. Gibbs & Cox. is also supported Marinette Marine Corporation in the development of production drawings.
  • DDG51 Detail Design. Gibbs & Cox completed the detail design of DDG51 under contract to Bath Iron Works. This effort began in April 1985 and employed up to 1000 people in integrating the design and producing all functional (system level) and zone detail design drawings. Gibbs & Cox is also supported BIW in the development of production drawings.
  • PFG2 Detail Design. Gibbs & Cox supported the Taiwan Navy in preparing drawings for the PFG2 Class. This involved modifying the FFG59 drawings (baseline for PFG2) to reflect changes in combat systems, hull mechanical and electrical systems, purchase specifications, weights and other detail design products.
  • DDG51 Lead Yard Services. Gibbs & Cox. supported BIW as Class Design Subcontractor for DDG51, incorporating changes in follow ship drawings to reflect planned upgrades and Engineering Change Proposals. This effort included special studies to evaluate the total ship impact of proposed changes, and working with BIW to develop a complete 3-D CAD representation of the ship.
  • FFG7 Class Design Agent. Gibbs & Cox supported PMS314 for over 15 years as CDA for the FFG7, which involved incorporation of all changes to the Class or the appropriate drawings and other documentation. It included preparation of selected record drawings and support of Post Shakedown Availabilities, trials, shock tests and other activities. This effort was a follow-on to earlier contracts, under which Gibbs & Cox. developed the detail design of FFG7, working closely with the three shipyards building the Class (Bath; Todd, Los Angeles; Todd, Seattle), and the governments of Australia and Spain.