Professional Tracks

Gibbs & Cox offers a wide range of professional opportunities in three basic tracks: Technical, Program Management, and Finance/Administration, as described below.

  • Technical staff professional opportunities include careers in naval architecture, engineering, computer-aided design, and drafting
  • Program Management professional opportunities include program and project management, project control, configuration management, scheduling, and data management
  • Finance/Administration professional opportunities include finance, accounting, business management, contracting and compliance, corporate administration, human resources, management information systems and information technology, quality assurance, industrial security, and export control

Within each of these basic tracks, there are opportunities ranging from entry-level positions to corporate executives and officers. Similarly, education requirements range from a high school diploma or equivalent through post-graduate college degrees. Many senior-level positions also require professional certification or licensure. Gibbs & Cox is committed to supporting the development of our staff to achieve these advanced credentials, and offers financial assistance and mentoring to support our employees’ professional development.

Staff members may stay on a single professional track throughout their entire career, or may opt to “switch tracks” during their careers – sometimes multiple times over the course of a career. This sort of career planning and progression is an important part of our corporate human resources programs, and is one of the key elements of every employee’s personal development plan with his or her supervisor. Our goal is to ensure that staff members understand the importance of their efforts to the overall success of the firm, help them define their career goals, and to support their continued professional development to achieve those goals throughout their careers.